Partnership is a landmark initiative, providing the blueprint for cooperative learning and sharing of best practices that will achieve results for years to come. Sustainability is at the core of who we are. Our Environmental Partnership presents a distinct opportunity for us to continue our voluntary efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts in our environments while contributing to a safe and sustainable future.



In Nigeria, an increased level of consciousness is observable with regard to the complex relationship that exists between development and the quality of the environment. However, there remains much to be done by way of actually developing the mechanism and legislative backing for reconciling environmental imperatives with developmental goals. Nigeria, like many other developing countries, is beset with such environmental problems as desertification, deterioration of urban physical quality, land degradation, deforestation, soil erosion, and flooding. It has been established that these problems emanate mainly from human activities created in the quest to achieve a higher level of development. The implication is that sufficient precautions have not been taken to balance development objectives against the need to maintain desirable environmental quality.

The policy responses that have so far
resulted from these problems include: the establishment of a Federal Ministry which is charged solely with the responsibility for environment related issues, the institution of a War Against Curruption and campaign with environmental sanitation as one of its key components, the initiation and sponsorship of national conferences on issues related to the environment, the establishment of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, and the launching of a National Policy on the Environment.

While it can be conceded that a start has been made towards the attainment of sustainable development,
Nigeria presently needs the necessary technical, administrative and legislative ‘back-up’ for more effective integration of environmental concerns with national, international and local development policies toward Global Partnership foe sustainable safer environment and development. In this context, SAESI is seeking to partner with both local and international bodies to address these environmental issues in a concerted effort and manners that they deserve. Interested Partners can read us at: 

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One notable environmental problem that has bedeviled the nation since the 1970s is municipal solid waste. Municipal solid waste affects the environment in different parts of the globe. In Nigeria the oil boom of the 1970s had resulted into increase in the volume of individual, commercial and industrial activities in towns and cities of the country. These gave birth to many environmental problems such as flood, erosion, solid waste materials, global warming, desertification/drought and pollutions.  

The problem of municipal solid waste in developing country is a major concern to government; this problem becomes much worrisome in Nigeria where production of waste is expanding because of increasing population pressure, and other socio-economic factors....READ MORE>>

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