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SAESI is an environmental organization, a movement that seeks to protect, analyse or monitor the environment against misuse or degradation from human and natural activities. In this sense the environment is referred to the biophysical environment or the natural environment.  Some environmental issues that SAESI focus on include pollution, plastic pollution, solid-waste, resource depletion, human waste, flood and climate change.


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The SAESI has a balanced membership of individuals interested in working to compliment the efforts of the government in creating awareness and support on the public health, flood, fire prevention, control, protection, rescue operation, emergency-responsive, security operative, bush hunting, deforestation, bush burning, environmental sanitation surveillance on waste management policy, toxic waste disposal, oil spillage and to render support services in the event of building collapse. SAESI works to create better cleaner communities and better places for people and support sustainable development.

SAESI is building the spirit of teamwork by creating a teamwork experience in a different context. The daily routine of work is generally focused on the tasks at hand, helping communities. Our teamwork is a dynamic process involving two or more team-players and professionals with complementary background and skills, sharing common environmental safety and health goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in assessing, planning and carrying out duties that impact communities positively. We provide support, training and incentive for better, safer environment. Come join us for a better Nigeria.

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One notable environmental problem that has bedeviled the nation since the 1970s is municipal solid waste. Municipal solid waste affects the environment in different parts of the globe. In Nigeria the oil boom of the 1970s had resulted into increase in the volume of individual, commercial and industrial activities in towns and cities of the country. These gave birth to many environmental problems such as flood, erosion, solid waste materials, global warming, desertification/drought and pollutions.  

The problem of municipal solid waste in developing country is a major concern to government; this problem becomes much worrisome in Nigeria where production of waste is expanding because of increasing population pressure, and other socio-economic factors....READ MORE>>

SAESI pride itself with top Management Team and excellent Organizational Structure ready for duty anytime and anywhere to serve the community…Click to see our Organizational Structure>>


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