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Safety Awareness and Environmental Supports Initiative (SAESI) is a uniform, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization. The Safety Awareness & Environmental Supports Initiative has a community oriented vision of making people conscious of their environment to be everywhere they need to be and create employment by supporting all the developmental agencies in the nation.


Aim: Safety Awareness and Environmental Supports Initiative (SAESI) aim to compliment the efforts of the government in creating awareness and support on the public health, flood, fire prevention, control, protection, rescue operation, emergency-responsive, security operative, bush hunting, deforestation, bush burning, environmental sanitation surveillance on waste management policy, toxic waste disposal, oil spillage and to render support services in the event of building collapse...READ ON>>

Objectives: The objectives of SAESI among others are to provide 24 hours emergency response support services to communities, a regular patrol team against fire outbreaks and any other natural or man-made disasters in our environment, to provide traffic management safety officer to areas where regular traffic warders are out of reach or at times when the regular traffic wardens must have closed from work, to provide safety advisory services and support to institutions and corporate and …READ ON>>

Strategy: To prevent Nigeria from environmental deterioration, SAESI has set up the following but not limited strategies, among others to review legislations regarding waste management with a view to streamlining them so that there is a comprehensive and clear role for all the agencies, various tiers of government, as well as the public, including other critical stakeholders, continuous public enlightenment on the dangers of municipal solid waste to the general public, and…READ ON>>

SAESI pride itself with top Management Team and excellent Organizational Structure ready for duty anytime and anywhere to serve the community…Click to see our Organizational Structure>>



One notable environmental problem that has bedevilled the nation since the 1970s is municipal solid waste. Municipal solid waste affects the environment in different parts of the globe. In Nigeria the oil boom of the 1970s had resulted into increase in the volume of individual, commercial and industrial activities in towns and cities of the country. These gave birth to many environmental problems such as flood, erosion, solid waste materials, global warming, desertification/drought and pollutions.  


The problem of municipal solid waste in developing country is a major concern to government; this problem becomes much worrisome in Nigeria where production of waste is expanding because of increasing population pressure, and other socio-economic factors.


The founding members observed that Nigeria is witnessing an unprecedented growth of cities, and this has implications for every aspect of societal development. It was observed that with the pressure in urban population, existing facilities such as water, electricity, road, educational institutions and housing has become inadequate thereby placing tremendous pressure on existing amenities, and society’s ability to manage the huge solid waste generation and disposal.


The environmental problems highlighted above triggered the formation of SAFETY AWARENESS & ENVIRONMENTAL SUPPORTS INITIATIVE (SAESI) as a call to duty in rendering their quota towards ensuring the sustainability of our environment. Today, SAESI has over a hundred a 100 workforce who are competent to ensure the enforcement of the national environmental safety and other enabling laws.


The organization will be operating nationwide with commands in all 36 states of the federation and FCT, Abuja with the projection of at least, a hundred (100) staff in each of the seven hundred and seventy four (774) local government areas in the country.

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